Brad Pitt will fight Angelina Jolie for the right to bring children on vacation

The actor is willing to put up a fight so that his children can stay with him at home during the Christmas holidays.

With the custody battle in November, Brad Pitt plans to fight Angelina Jolie, all in order to “have nightly visits with her children during the holidays” (stay over at her house).

With their split over two years ago, the couple is finally ready to make it official and have gone to the US courts for an extended custody plan.

According to an Us Weekly report, sources close to Pitt and Jolie say: “The vacation visit had been set up before the custody trial. Brad will see the children on Christmas Day. He hopes that he will be granted more custody time with the children, which would result in having them during the holidays this year. “

The custody battle for Brad and Angelina is reported to be one of the most expensive in history and while the duo has been protecting their children from the media barrage, The Sun feels like, “The children have been protected. largely, but they are old enough to have a pretty good idea of ​​what is going on and it breaks Brad’s heart to know that they have been at the center of this miserable battle for so long. “

“Angelina is still the best mom who insists she will go through the fire to protect them from anyone, even her own father, and she is proud of the strength and maturity that the children have shown during this nightmarish process.”

The source also went on to say: “There have been a lot of accusations from each of their respective sides for months since it became clear that they were not going to be able to reach a face-to-face agreement,” the source added. “Now, communication between Brad and Angie is practically non-existent, and they are both working harder than ever.”

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