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Tuesday 19 may 2020 at 09h33

In a relationship for sixteen years, Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox were separated for the first time in 2015, to better find themselves a few months later. But after ten years of marriage and the arrival of three adorable little boys, Noah Shannon (7 years), Bodhi Ramsom (6 years) and Journey River (3 years), the couple eventually decided to take different paths, as revealed by the actor on Monday, may 18, in his podcast ” …With Brian Austin Green “, which the Daily Mail reported a few excerpts.

It all started with a precognitive dream, entrusts to the unforgettable interpreter of David Silver on the television series Beverly Hills 90210. “Usually, I don’t remember my dreams, but then, three weeks after the beginning of the shoot, I dreamed that she no longer wanted our marriage. I then sent a message, and she told me not to worry “, says he. However, back at home, Megan Fox would have been unusual behavior. Finally the actress will eventually be delivered to her husband and to admit that taking the distance had allowed him to meet and that this had caused the greater good.

Although upset, Brian Austin Green, still in love, accepts to give him space and leave the family home located in Calabasas, in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Not experiencing any bitterness toward one another, the former lovebirds wish to stay friends for the sake of their children. As for the rumors alleging that the young woman would have had an affair with the rapper Machine Gun Kelly, the father of the family has denied in the block, ensuring that it was a platonic relationship.

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