Brigitte Macron has not been tested, Melania Trump is a lot more worried than her husband; Lily-Rose Depp and Timothy Chalamet it is finished, Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom it might, Nabilla & Thomas it is not far away; Jennifer Lopez outside in bra


Brigitte Macron has not been tested

Asked by Paris Match (8 pages), which she received Friday, April 24, Brigitte Macron took the opportunity to refute rumors : “My husband and I have not been tested, because we do not have any symptoms.” and she adds : “No, I did not test my staff,” She denies, and an article published in Here at the end of march. “I do not, no longer, took my daughter to Marseille get treatment by professor Raoult, nor asked the president to go there to meet him. ”

The president’s wife says that she has not left the Palace since the 15th of last march. A palace is emptied according to the weekly on the 800 people who work there, “there are less than 10 % on the spot. When she is not committed to the Foundation Hospitals of Paris-Hospitals of France, where she chairs the board of directors, it phone to other first ladies. “Brigitte Macron spoke with his girlfriend Melania Trump, obviously more worried than her husband. The First Lady would have told him of the “shock” felt in the face of the violence of the epidemic in New York. (…) She has also talked with the first lady of ukraine and with Emine Erdogan, the wife of the number one is Turkish.”

Lily-Rose Depp and Timothy Chalamet : completed

The daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis’t displayed any more for months with Timothée Chalamet. This is the magazine US Weekly that speaks of separation, but their love story (which would have started in the fall of 2018) has never been confirmed officially note Public.

Tension between Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

“It has changed significantly since she is pregnant” would have disclosed a close relative of Katy Perry (35 years old) and Orlando Bloom cited by Public. There was a lot of tension between them. If this is true, this would not be the first time : a year after their coup de foudre of march 2016, they had separated before finding themselves a year later.

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Nabila and Thomas make room

The parents of little Milann experience difficulty in their confinement in their villa with swimming pool, in Dubai. On Snapchat, Thomas explains, “In this moment we made a little room”. Don’t worry when you have a number of rooms added Closer. But still unfortunate that less than a year after their marriage, six weeks of confinement is enough to put “the end”.

The bra of Jennifer Lopez

The governor of Florida has re-opened beaches and parks in spite of the sars coronavirus. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have taken the opportunity to make a birthday party for Ella, the youngest daughter of Alex, which is celebrating its 12 years. But the heat has been a little indisposed Jennifer (50 years old). Although it is in public, she has not hesitated to remove his cardigan, and to view in bra, sitting on the grass, under the eye of photographers looking must toward their goals (in Public).

Candidate Koh-Lanta threatened with death

Some viewers did not appreciate that Sam is disposed of Koh-Lanta when Inès and Governed have voted against him. They are rampaging on social networks. Inès, who works the night shift, in the face of the coronavirus in a hospital in paris has not supported according to Closer : “Threaten to rape me… that’s going too far !”. On Instagram, in a video, the young nurse had tears in her eyes “Wish the death of someone close, rape, these words are hyper strong.” Same shock for Régis, the father of four children, a director of a sports shop in the Yonne, some internet users threatened to kill his daughters… The company that produced the program announced that it lodged a complaint. And Denis Brogniart was sentenced, on Twitter, these “insults unspeakable.”

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However, this is not new highlights Public, citing the names of other candidates who have had the same fate, as, for example, Ahmad, the Lyons, who also had a right to call for a boycott of its fast-food, or Moussa, manager of a musical label in the middle of the rap.

Public gives voice to a former candidate, Pascal, who accuses and puts into question the responsibility of the production : “They climb up the frames, and fake the reality for some of them are highlighted, and the other hated.” When the elimination of a competitor, it would have shown Pascal glanced down, without showing the time that he explained why : “What made me go for a loose, I have extremely bad experience”.

Pascal blames Alexia Laroche-Joubert. He has participated in prior to and after the arrival of the producer : “His policy, is to make of the scandal, the scandal.” He accuses Alexia and Denis Brogniart create “hatred,” which is expressed in the line, “making fake bad guys”.

The confession of Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck talks about cash for his alcohol problems in an interview in Public : “This is when I thought I was going to get better, I dove back. Alcoholism is a kind of a dance : two steps forward, one step back”. He added that to see his the problems mentioned in some newspapers is not easy : “You know, you, people who live well with the idea of seeing their faults revealed to the world ? Alas, these are things that I can’t control”.

And then Affleck explains that to work, make films, it is difficult, but it helps a lot because his “mind is always busy” during the shooting.

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Dancing with the stars : a real basket of crabs

Revenge is a dish best served cold : after four years, the host of ” Dancing with the stars balance. The actor Laurent Ournac has moderated from 2015 to 2016, one of the flagship programs of TF1. Closer quotes… Gala where Laurent explained that “it was routine, wobbly-legged in-house” for he is “plant” : “it was a real basket of crabs”. But it welcomes co-host, Sandrine Quertier “She was completely healthy in a world that is not.”

Alexia Laroche-Joubert is better

“After two weeks of containment is strict, the producer of Koh-Lanta cured of the Covid-19. And found her lover” Tom Benaimous tells Closer with a series of photos of the two lovebirds on the butte Montmartre in Paris. His meeting with Tom, president of the agency Be Happy dates back to a year ago. Alexia was separated from her husband, a surgeon, after four years of marriage.

Virus : Christophe Beaugrand can no longer see his mother

The proud father of Valentin (6 months) saw its containment : Christophe Beaugrand was not idle between his emissions on LCI and TF1. But he has the chance to have a house with a garden, it supports the confinement with her baby, her husband, her cat and her dog. however, due to the coronavirus he can no longer see his mother who will soon be 70 years old.


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