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One of the characters least spoken in the world of Marvel movie is that it is played by the one and only Sam Rockwell. Some have probably forgotten that Rockwell played Justin Hammer in the film (MCUIron man 2). It can be easy to forget this given the last decade since the release of the film.

The films and television projects in which Rockwell has appeared since 2010 are commendable. At the time he was hired by Marvel, it was still widely known as a character actor in under the estimate.

Take the role of Justin Hammer was a big issue, given that he was an implacable enemy of Tony Stark. He has never had a proper end, because it was not sent to prison in the penitentiary of Seagate.

Back to why Justin Hammer has gone wrong

Sam Rockwell | Gregg DeGuire / Getty Images for Turner

As a military contractor, the Hammer has launched his own technology company to try to compete with Industries Stark. The evil of want to coat Stark went too far into a territory that is viscous and disgusting.

Despite the fact that he has tried to make the evil seem Stark in the public eye, the Hammer has faced a serious karma later. Meanwhile, he has been known to wreak havoc on Stark, and a couple of Avengers.

Your attempt to attack Stark came by Ivan Vanko, the son of Anton Vanko, the former partner banned from Howard Stark. Hammer hired Ivan Vanko to eliminate Stark, becoming the chief of the conspiracy Iron man 2.

Of course, this has also created the character Vanko sometimes despised, the Whiplash, this name, after more than a little irony when applied to the comeuppance of the Hammer.

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Justin Hammer had a personality arrogant similar to that of Tony Stark

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All you need to see, this is the scene in which the Hammer meets Vanko at a dinner table in a giant coat-hanger, to show how Hammer was smarmy. At the time, his personality was almost to the height of the Stark.

The whole world knows that Stark has gone from this impulsive person that the thought of the other, including sacrificing their own life. The hammer is not evolve at this level, unless he’s never going to go back to the MCU.

On Reddit, a thread that has requested the people to publish the greatest of the missed opportunities of the MCU. Someone said that Justin Hammer was never enough. Well, since he went to jail, after Vanko has turned against him, there was no way to use it again.

It is still necessary to ask if all of his time in prison has done to change the person. Sam Rockwell one day return to the MCU as a Hammer, or is too large to join Marvel?

The suggestion on Reddit is that the Hammer could fill the role of a polar opposite to Tony Stark. Those who miss the old Stark too confident can be seen to see the Hammer to bring back a small item.

Or maybe it has been reformed while he was in prison for more than a decade. If he achieves release (and they always do), it could also be another enemy of the new team of the Avengers.

The company Hammer was not to the level of Stark Industries. However, it has always created an amazing technology that the army of the ee.uu. wanted. There is No doubt that Stark Industries to continue in one form or another, Hammer Industries is still active.

To bring Rockwell in the role, however, is complicated, given that he won an Oscar for Three posters out of Reflux, Missouri 2018. In addition, his work on the television mini-series such as Fosse / Verdon continues to be stellar.

Justin Hammer become a better person after jail?

All the characters that come out of the jail will not be completely reformed. Some super-hero of Marvel comics have spent time in jail, although the majority have changed for the better.

I do not know what causes the Hammer to the prison Seagate could mean that he would always be at his business without incident. If this is the case, this would mean that has never changed.

With the wicked, the most infamous coming in the future phases, the Hammer can get to be one of the few human characters to be just as bad.

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