Brother of the late Princess Diana, worried about Netflix series The Crown

The fourth season of the show recently premiered and will portray the life of Lady Di.

Earl Charles Spencer, brother of the late Princess Diana, is concerned about the Netflix series The Crown. The fourth season of the show recently premiered and will portray the life of Lady Di, but Spencer asks fans of the show not to forget that this is a television show and not a documentary.

During his participation in the Love Your Weekend With Alan Titchmarsh program, Charles Spencer shared his concerns.

“I am concerned that people will watch a show like this and forget that it is fiction. They believe, especially foreigners … Americans tell me they saw The Crown as if they had taken a history class. No, they didn’t… it’s fiction ”, he justifies.

For Spencer, the British are perhaps more familiar with their own history to tell the difference between fact and fiction, but for young Americans who do not remember the Princess Diana years so vividly, there is a danger that the portrait of actress Emma Corrin is the definitive record of who Diana was, when in fact she was not.

“It is very difficult, it has a lot of conjecture and a lot of invention, right? You can think of facts, but the parts in between are not facts, ”Spencer continued.


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Peter Morgan, the creator of The Crown, recently admitted to Times magazine: “We do our best to get it right, but sometimes I have to confuse [incidents]. Private moments when only the royal family was present, of course, must be written using polite assumptions; It’s not like the queen is going to deliver a transcript, ”he explained.

According to the new trailer for the interview with Spencer, the creators hoped to film in the house that Princess Diana lived in before her marriage to Prince Charles, but her brother told the series: “Obviously not.”

“She left me, for example, as her children’s tutor, so I feel like a trust has been passed on,” he said. “If you grow up with someone, that person is still that person, no matter what happens to them afterward,” he said.

As one of the guardians of the royal memory of Princess Diana, Spencer said, “I feel it is my duty to defend her when I can.”

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