Calls Trump with foreign leaders would have alarmed his ex-employees | Donald Trump, president of the united States


A president ill-prepared to discuss topics, dominated by authoritarian leaders as the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and the president of turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to be hostile to its allies of western countries and that mostly speak for itself : this is, according to CNN, the negative picture has emerged of hundreds of calls telephone calls are highly rated with the heads of State and government foreign.

The former collaborators of president Trump, whose ex-advisors to the national security, H. R. McMaster, then the former adviser of the White House national security (NSC), John Bolton, the former secretary of Defense James Mattis, the secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, and the head of cabinet of the White House John Kelly, as well as intelligence officials, have believed that the president was often delusional.

According to sources in the network, which reiterated the information already published, with Donald Trump only to read that very rarely is the information of the documents prepared by the CIA and the national safety court before your telephone with the leaders.

His tone, his anger against the allies, his servility to the place of the authoritarian leaders, their ignorance of history and their lack of preparation were as troubling as the content of the exchanges, according to the sources, which describe the ramblings crazy devoid of facts and based on the intuitions of the president, and their assumptions, the views of the hosts of the Fox News TV and the lack of information obtained on social media.

It isabominations so serious for the national security interests of the united States that if members of Congress listened to the witnesses of the conversations or read the reports, which are archived, several of his republican allies could not maintain their confidence in the place of the president, a summary of a source of knowledge of the majority of the discussions.

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Echoing the book of John Bolton, published last week, The Room Where It Happened, A Memoir Of The White House (The room where it happened, the memories of the White House), sources say that Donald Trump sued to often the objectives are more related to their own interests to ensure that their employees are considered to be important for american national security. In his book, Mr. Bolton argued for example, that his former boss had requested the assistance of China to the re-election.

Recently, James Mattis, a former four-star general of the Marine corps had also paid a judgment call on his former boss in a statement published on the website of the magazine The Of the atlantic.

This new folder to load, in addition to other descriptions so negative of the president, comes this time from the journalist Carl Bernstein, who is said to have been interviewed for four months, sources from the White House and the intelligence community is aware that the content of the conversations, and which have requested anonymity.

In the 1970s, the journalist, with his colleague Bob Woodward, uncovered the infamous Watergate scandal involving president Richard Nixon.

Of the authoritarian leaders who would be the top

Donald Trump would have been convinced to be able to submit to his will, almost all the foreign leaders in the charming, or even put pressure on them, according to the sources, who say they do not see improvement with time.

In their contacts with Vladimir Putin, it was generally fi experience in politics and do not address important issues, such as human rights or arms control agreement, but I was deliberately trying to get their admiration and approval.

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A responsible high-level government [a comparé] the Russian president, a grand master of chess and the Triumph of a casual player of the ladies.

Carl Bernstein

According to the sources, the frequency of the calls of the president of turkey, which multiplies the requests for favors, and the ease with which it could reach the president of Triumph, without going through the protocols of the national security Council, were also a source of concern.

The decision of the president of Trump to remove the american troops in the north of Syria, which had been criticized by some of its most faithful allies, would have been dependent on the ability of the president of turkey, that would have been his interlocutor, the most frequent, to get him what he wanted.

Of the allies – and especially the allies – insulted

The dynamic was completely different with the western leaders as the prime minister of canada, Justin Trudeau, or the leaders of France, the United Kingdom, Australia or Germany,” says CNN.

Proving to be hostile or even aggressive, the president was of his complaints, the thread of the discussions, and rather tried to intimidate their partners.

The attacks were still more vicious when he spoke with the woman as the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, don’t let anyone impose, or former british prime minister, Theresa May.

According to reports, accused of being the first stupid and under the influence of the Russians, and the second to be silly and without a backbone, for example, in his approach to Brexit, and immigration.

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The common theme in all the discussions : Trump

It doesn’t matter who he was talking to, to support the sources of Carl Bernstein, he was much more a question of Donald Trump in the united States.

According to the testimony, the latter never ceased to have with foreign leaders, including the crown prince of saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman, and the dictator of north korea Kim Jong-un, his own wealth, of his genius, of his large achievements as president and thethe idiocy of his predecessors, in particular, Barack Obama.

It was as if the united States had disappeared. It was always “only me”.

A source quoted by Carl Bernstein

The daughter and the son-in-law of the president, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, have heard some of the calls, despite his lack of experience in foreign policy.

At the end of a phone call with Russian president vladimir Putin, Donald Trump was more interested in listening to their congratulations, as the criticism of Rex Tillerson, H. R. McMaster and the expert in Russia on the national security Council, Fiona Hill.

The witness feature of the survey in the political trial carried out last fall by the democrats, was called to order by the president of Triumph and the elected republicans so vehemently, going down in flames the theory that Kiev has tried to influence the outcome of the presidential election of 2016, showing more of Moscow finger.

According to sources of CNN, some former Trump may be willing to give testimony of what they know.


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