Can Kim Kardashian save her marriage to Kanye West?

Kim Kardashian recently made the decision to part ways with Kanye West. Still, the couple could well put the pieces back together.

Between businesswoman Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West, the flame seems extinguished… But fans of the couple do not believe it and hope for an upcoming reconciliation.

As you probably know, Kim Kardashian recently made the decision to leave her companion, the very famous singer Kanye West.

Indeed, the couple had been on the wane for some time. They have been through many trials, the pretty brunette seems to be struggling to recover.

Yet they had loved each other for more than 8 years and even had four children together: North, Psalm, Saint, and Chicago. The couple’s fans still can’t believe it!

Some have a hard time believing it and would then be willing to do anything for the two stars to get back together. And it could well happen!

Indeed, according to a source close to the two stars, Kim Kardashian would not be so sure of her decision. Good news for his fans!

She could thus go back on her words and offer yet another chance to the man who has so vibrated his heart. Yes, you’ve heard it!


The famous businesswoman Kim Kardashian and the rapper with the many hits Kanye West have built everything together: their careers, a home, and a family.

They did not hesitate to show their happiness in the eyes of all, especially on social networks. Their various accounts were teeming with two-bedroom photos!

Internet users followed the crazy adventures of their idols en masse, in search of new nuggets. And for the time being, there was plenty to do.

The couple knows how to make a name for themselves and continues to do so despite an ongoing divorce. And according to the fans, they are not about to stop!

Many feel that they should simply resume couples therapies and end up putting the pieces back together. Indeed, they don’t go there anymore!

It must be believed that Kim Kardashian really wants to cut ties with her ex-partner. They have been in a room apart for a few months.

The performer of No More Parties In LA left town to join his ranch and finish recording his album far from the hassle.

Can we then expect a reconciliation in the near future? Will the social media star reverse his decision? At the moment, nothing is being played. This is likely to happen.

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