Cardi B is controversial about his comments around Valentine’s Day!

And a new controversy for Cardi B. Kulture’s mother has sowed havoc on the web following her comments on Valentine’s Day.

Cardi B is once again in danger of causing discontent among his fans. The American rapper had comments about Valentine’s Day that shocked Internet users.

Not the type to do in lace, the performer of WAP once again spoke ill on the canvas. Indeed, the young woman gave her opinion about the feast of love, and Internet users do not agree.

Indeed, she gave her opinion on how the budget allocated for Valentine’s Day should be distributed. According to her, men have to spend more money on their girlfriends.

“Yes! Men also deserve a Valentine’s Day gift, but the gift must be cheaper than women’s,” she wrote on Twitter. And that’s not all.

Cardi B continued: “So if he buys you flowers, you buy him weed!” A funny phrase that did not particularly amuse internet users on social networks.

Internet users were not asked to put Cardi B back in its place. Some Internet users reminded the young woman that she had given her husband, Offset, a Lamborghini worth $700,000. . . .


Very active on social networks, the performer of Up responded to his fans. And she didn’t go through the back of the spoon…

“I have a 550-carat ring on my left hand, a 400-carat ring on my right. Thousands of dollars. So much jewelry, a Lamborghini car, and a Rolls-Royce,” she began. And that’s not all.

“If you don’t like the comparison of flowers and grass, let me give you another one that will please men: if you buy your wife Louboutins worth several thousand dollars, she will offer you a PS5.” Obviously, Cardi B has a sense of distribution, and so does her baby.

After these words, Offset did not hesitate to show the gifts he had given to his sweetheart. The American rapper offered a Chanel bag in gold worth $20,500, just that. So the artist saw the big things.

And since one gift often hides another, the artist also offered a night of love in a luxury hotel just for himself and his sweetheart.

Cardi B did not hesitate to share several photos and videos of this romantic evening offered by Offset. After breaking up a few months ago, the couple seems more in love than ever, and they prove it on social media.

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