Cardi B leaves a lovely message to Rihanna for her 33rd birthday!

Cardi B wished a happy birthday to singer Rihanna who celebrated her 33rd spring Saturday, February 20, 2021!

Saturday, February 20, 2021, was a great day for singer Rihanna! Indeed, the businesswoman was celebrating her 33rd birthday! So Cardi B didn’t fail to wish her well!

This proves once again that Cardi B is a faithful friend! Indeed, Kulture’s mom hasn’t forgotten singer Rihanna’s birthday! Indeed, the performer of “Needed me” celebrated his 33 Printemps yesterday!

Thus, the darling of Offset marked the blow by posting a sublime photo of her with Riri! A cliché that she captioned with love! Indeed, here’s what she wrote:

“One of the nicest people in the industry, she deserves all her success and more,” a tweet that caused a lot of Cardi B subscribers to react! Indeed, Internet users have responded en masse to this publication!

Some even thought that featuring to seal the beautiful friendship of Cardi B and Rihanna would be a good idea… Maybe in our wildest dreams… As they say, the main thing is to believe it!


On the same day, Cardi B melted its subscribers… But this time on Instagram! The reason? The artist posted no less than 9 photos of her little girl Kulture via her Instagram feed!

Shots on which the little princess could be seen posing while she was wearing a denim jacket, a blue dress, and pink accessories (a bow in her hair, sneakers, and a handbag)!

A post that cracked his subscribers! Indeed, the post in question already has more than 3.4 million likes... A real record! There are also a lot of comments… And one thing is for sure, Internet users have not been stingy with compliments towards cardi B’s daughter!

So we’ll let you see for yourself! Indeed, D1softball news has made you a selection of comments seen under the publication in question! “So pretty! The spitting image of his mother Cardi! “Oh, the little handbag… The knot… I fund, it is just too beautiful and so precious! »

Or: “Kulture has grown up well and she seems to be a real little angel! Good job Cardi B, your baby is just perfect”, “The prettiest little girl… After all, it’s normal with a mom like that! Can you read on the social network of the interpreter of “WAP”!

Comments all more adorable and benevolent than each other! A good vibe that will please the principal concerned! Indeed, Cardi B seems to have very few haters… Every influencer’s dream!

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