Cardi B returns from holiday by private jet with Offset and Kulture!

The holidays are over! After taking advantage of Mexico, Cardi B, Offset and Kulture took their private jet back to the USA.

End of romantic holidays, back to reality! While Cardi B and Offset spent a few days relaxing in Mexico, they took the plane again… But once again, the rapper has released the big game for his sweetheart!

Because this holiday seems out of a dream for the couple! After a complicated year in 2020, they are back on track with Kulture among themselves. Step one, then: celebrate Valentine’s Day across the border!

It must also be said that Offset has been working hard for several months. Because Cardi B’s threat of divorce really scared her. He had to pick himself up, apologize, and get off on a much better footing.

Seeing their stories, the two lovers find themselves better and better. The rapper’s deceptions seem almost forgotten, even though his wife has promised his fans not to forget. Even if she came to forgive him.

To help Kulture and continue to surround him, Cardi B has therefore forgiven Offset. Displayed in public, very unwell, Kulture’s dad does everything he can to recover, and to surround his wife with love.

Last huge feat to date, so: Valentine’s Day. But Offset couldn’t settle for a traditional movie – flowers – restaurant… He saw the big way. In great: he took his sweetheart to Mexico!


A well-deserved vacation for both, while the rapper gave quite a lot of her year 2020. Between her sounds, her clips, and her attacks on Donald Trump, she didn’t give up until December…

Since then, Cardi B has been trying to calm the game down a bit. But to really cut off everyday life, Offset has arranged a holiday under umbrellas. Nothing to do, nice family moments, just enjoy: everything is fine!

But to be sure that his wife is satisfied to the end, Offset did not hesitate to rent a private jet. Enough to stay calm, with your family, on the way between Mexico and Washington. A little time out of time!

So these are satisfied lovers, back on the right path. After a lot of trouble last year, here is a Cardi B who finds the smile, the form, and his family: nothing like to go home.

So we wait for the return of the rapper on her vacation in Mexico … Because she hasn’t put her family in her stories too much, she loves it. One thing seems certain, however: she will complain again when she returns.

Back in the United States between Offset and Kulture. After a nice holiday, she will be able to get back to work!

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