Cardi B reveals her manicure extravagant on Instagram !


For Cardi B, no detail is left aside. In addition to his wigs and extravagant outfits, she offers manicures incredible !

Fashion until the end of the nail, Cardi B takes care of the match in any circumstance. On Instagram, she reveals his manicure bling-bling. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Cardi B is not, therefore, leave nothing to chance, quite the contrary. The rapper to the language and the punch lines well sharp like to adorn themselves with its the most beautiful claws.

A fan of the manicure, the rival of Nicki Minaj likes to try all sorts of variants. Long nails of a cat, nail art pushed to its paroxysm… The Trinidad makes it a true fashion accessory.

She will not hesitate not to cook with her beautiful claws on the handsnot without some blunders. A false fingernail, lost in a bowl of muesli is so quickly arrived !

That said, the queen of rap is past master in the art of the handlejust like Edward scissorhands ! Of course, the beautiful Cardi B has nothing to envy to the character portrayed by Johnny Depp.

For good reason, it takes care of to make his manicure in the best salons. On his last story Instagram, the interpreter of Bodak Yellow we therefore offer to see his new adornment of hands.

Cardi B: she shows us the claws of the night

We may say, the result is quite original and extravagant. On this story, we see then the mother of Kulture break out the claws ! We can say that the blue is the honorwith this all-new manicure.

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Cardi B has a real the night sky at your fingertips… Literally ! She did not skimp on the rhinestones and sequins or even on the length exacerbated her beautiful paws.

OFFSET has only to hold up… If he dares to upset the beautiful Cardi Bshe will not hesitate to pull out the claws and it’s going to bleed ! Like a panther in the Bronx, it appears in any case 10 cutlass nicely decorated and sharpened well.