Carlos Reinoso revealed the players that would like to play


Carlos Reinoso, historical America, revealed that he would have liked to play alongside other players that have marked time in the soccer, mexico as Cuauhtémoc Blanco, Daniel Brailovsky, Antonio Carlos Santos, José Cardozo, Juan José Muñante, Alex Aguinaga and Thomas Boy.

“If I would have liked to play with the Cuau, with the Russian, with Saints, with Cardozo, with my compadre Muñante, with Alex Aguinaga, with Tomás Boy,” he wrote Reinoso in their social networks, where she also shared a photo with White.

Moments later, the ‘Black’ Saints, replied: “it Would be chin…”, to which the ‘Teacher’ replied: “of course idol of mine, I think that yes jugaríamos to the ball and we divertiríamos”.

Reinoso it was between 1970 and 1979 in the Americatime got four championships, two league, one Champion of Champions and a Cup.


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