Carlos Vela is ‘saved’ workouts sleeping in the bus


“I would like to many Carlos Vela in each team”. It is as well as the physical trainer Eduardo Esponda refers to the mexican striker, who prepared next to all the Mexican Sub-17 for the World Cup that they won in 2005although not without issues today are anecdotes funny.

The work for Esponda was not easy, because a few days prior to traveling to South america had to scold the today’s attacker LAFC for not finishing a 10-kilometre run. The problem is not was not could near the end, but that he preferred to sleep in the truck, as he recalled Cristian Flores, a former player of that team that took the top Jesus Ramirez.

“The anecdote that I always remember and that was very funny is one of Carlos Vela. In one of these workouts very strong in a trip to the Ajusco, we are all the days in the training of the afternoon we were going to run 10 kilometres”, she talked in a telephone interview to Mediotiempo.

“Sailing stops the truck where we drove ourselves, that we would be escorting, and as the kilometer six he gets in the truck; then when we got to the final part, where the professor Esponda was waiting for us with stopwatches to see how long time did the 10 km, Sailing was no longer”.

Flores, who retired from tennis at the age of 22, five years after being champion in Lima, commented that Carlos is not only preferred to follow the last four miles in the bus, but that also fell asleep, a situation that caused the anger of Esponda, who at his stage of a footballer in the subsidiaries of Newell’s Old Boys shared a locker with the now coach of the Mexican national team, Tata Martino.

“The Teacher started shouting like crazy that someone was missing, until he saw that it was Sailing. Climbed enojadísimo the truck and what came down from the hair. There was one of the moments when he said that if one day he was champion of the world he was going to thank, you for that were these trainings”, he added.

Cristian is the son of Efrain Flores, who has directed teams such as Chivas and Pachuca. After that feat of 2005 he began directing in the equipment of the Ascent MX, and today is in charge of the Tri-Sub 15, while Sailing remains figure, although with her well-known disdain football.

A few days ago was on the cover of GQ magazine, who reiterated that it does not have a favorite team of soccer, a sport that in several occasions has said not to be a fanatic.

“This is a story of a lot of laughter because Sailing he fell asleep in the truck and the prof screaming like crazy,” recalled Flowers.


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