Celebrate Kate Middleton three years of Prince Louis with photo

Kensington Royal Palace goes through a moment of joy after celebrating the three-year life of the“heir of the Dukes of Cambridge”, Prince Louis, whoappears in a photo taken by Kate Middleton a week ago, on her first day of day care.

It was through @Kensingtonroyal’s account that little Louis, son of Prince William and great-grandson of Queen Elizabeth,appears on a postcard framed by a big smile from the duchess’s youngest son Kate Middleton and the “future heir to the crown.”

Prince Louis,the third of the sons of the royal couple, grandson of Prince Charles of Wales, was preparing to attend his first day of day care, a time his mother, Kate Middleton, did not let go to capture a new stage in his life. The little one appears with a big smile mounted on a bike that makes him look like an expert in the two-wheeled vehicle.

Three tomorrow! Taken earlier this week by The Duchess before leaving for her first day of day care, the Duke and Duchess are pleased to share a new image of Prince Louis, read in the message accompanying the postcard that was shared since April 22nd.

It should be reiterated that some of the congratulations from family members have already arrived and it was the instagram account of “The Royal Family”, one of the first to replicate the photograph and the message to which they added a few words:

Wishing Prince Louis a happy third birthday today, it reads in the headline of the post.

In the midst of the mourning that only a few days ago the British Royal Family lived after the departure of the Duke of Edinburgh and after the end of the 8-day national mourning by the British monarch who just last Wednesday 21 April starred in its 95th anniversary, another sweet moment comes to subtract the bitter taste in the absence of Elizabeth II’s “prince consort”.

It is also rumored that the Duchess of Cambridge has not hesitated to plan some surprises for her youngest son, who came to this world on a day like this, 23 April 2018, at St Mary’s Hospital, London, United Kingdom.

Some reports circulating point out that the mother of Princes George and Charlotte, Louis’ older brothers, will be willing to get into the kitchen in order to please her little one with a delicious cake.

And it is possible that many do not know that if there is such a enjoy that Kate Middleton is preparing the cakes herself at her children’s celebrations, this she would reveal in an appearance with Mary Berrys in “A Berry Royal Christsmas”.

The Duchess of Cambridge is a perfectionist mother and claims she could reveal he hem until midnight making sure everything is extremely perfect for her three buds.

I’m fascinated by making the cake! It has become a kind of tradition, staying until midnight with a meticulous dough of cake and bitumen. I exaggerate, but I love it, would comment on Prince William’s wife.

Undoubtedly, there are gestures linking Prince Charles of Wales’ daughter-in-law to her husband’s mother, the remembered Princess Diana of Wales, who always took the time to pamper her children and ensure that various moments were captured during their growth.

In particular, Kate Middleton has become the unofficial photographer of her children whom she has taken snapshots on various occasions and of which have been shared in the official accounts of the British Family.

It was even in days since the departure of the princes’ great-grandfather, Philip of Edinburgh shared some photographs in the official accounts of the royal family and Kensington Palace (where the Dukes of Cambridge live with their family) in order to honor the memory of the veteran d!funto.

As can be seen in the postcard, Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Philip of Edinburgh appear alongside several of their great-granddes and it is Prince Louis who appears in the sovereign’s arms.

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