Celine Dion In Relationship With A Young Saudi Prince?

(Photo by Claudio Lavenia/Getty Images)

The sentimental life of Céline Dion interests more than one, and each one goes there with his commentary, like an enthralling soap opera for which each one imagines the end which pleases them. The latest episode is that of a Saudi prince who has set his sights on the Quebec diva. A crisp story whose details intrigue.

Not so long ago, more precisely in May, the magazine  Us Weekly revealed that Celine Dion would have been seen in the company of Bradley Cooper, the famous American actor, director, and singer. The tabloid then said she was very close to the latter, claiming that they would have been seen together during a New York trip, shortly before the start of confinement. However, no photos were released. 

When Psst magazine put René-Charles’ mother on the front page, evoking her obsession with staying young, he certainly had no idea that this obsession could have earned Celine Dion the favor of a young prince from ‘Saudi Arabia. The latter would be called Habibi S. Wizard and would have fallen under the spell of the diva.

Although no photo comes to support the rumor which claims that she would have been seen in the company of the latter in the middle of Paris, the American press reacted by judging the true rumor. But for Public magazine,  which is also interested in the subject, there is very little chance that this relationship really exists. And if it does, several other posts estimated, it would be very unlikely to succeed.

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