‘Cepillín’ sends a strong message to Luis Miguel


The ‘TV clown’ tells the singer “not to be wey” and he approaches his children with Aracely Arámbula.

Ricardo González, better known as ‘Cepillín’, makes controversial statements about the alleged death of Luis Miguel’s mother, and sends a strong message to the singer.

“Luis Miguel’s mother is alive because the exact date of Luisito Rey’s death is known, but Marcela’s is not and she is alive, he is keeping her,” the comedian declared to the program ‘Sale el Sol’.

He sent this message to the interpreter: “He could not be a good son as he would have liked because unfortunately the father dies and the mother is missing. He thinks he is going to repeat the story with his two children who are beautiful. As a dad I tell you not to be ‘wey’, do not be silly, look for your children. If you don’t want anything with Aracely that’s fine, but look for your children who are your blood ”.

Cepillín also touched on another controversial issue and assures that Juan Gabriel is alive, in addition to qualifying as a ‘parasite’ Iván Aguilera, the universal heir to the Divo de Juárez.

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