Charms in yarn, Alexa Dellanos poses in the sun to delight

The beautiful American model, Alexa Dellanos, has once again surprised her loyal Instagram audience, posting a new photograph showing up stop of dots and in a black thread, so that she could give an excellent view of her charms while modeling on stairs very close to the place where she was enjoying the beach.

That’s right, today the beautiful daughter of Myrka Dellanos, presenter of Telemundo, proved again because she is the queen of the application showing her great beauty in an attractive photo that became the center of attention quickly and much more by her faithful fans, who are on the slope of everything she does to be able to enjoy a little of her beautiful curves, which by the way we are already clear that they are her smile and her figure.

Although the photo is only found in her stories we rescued her for you, for she would disappear after 24 hours and a piece of entertainment of such good quality and so attractive cannot be wasted by her followers, who spent an excellent moment delighting her pupils.

It should be mentioned that in these stories of the social network is where she shares a lot about her daily life opening up a little more and making everyone know her more thoroughly, as for example she always shares the exercise routines that she is practicing and often accompanied by beautiful friends.

For this reason, it is that internet users do not look away from their profile Even ask for advice as at this time that it is available to paint a painting, asking for some recommendations to see what it paints.

Most of the internet did not know that Alexa Dellanos also knows how to paint however chances are that she knows how to do very well because her boyfriend is one of the most famous artists in terms of murals and has probably taught her some technique.

This is Alec Monopoly, the famous designer and muralist with whom Alexa Dellanos spends most of her time in fact we could see that they were together enjoying a campfire and this we could notice thanks to a painting above it in which we could see graffiti of her.

Alexa Dellanos is also dabbling in Tik Tok and uploads tutorial videos such as how she does make-up, where she was finally naturally shown, something many internet users asked for.

She also showed us that she was turning around in a car while wearing a stuffed coat that by the way would seem made with animal skins but is surely synthetic because in that industry they already have a few years of taking care of the planet and of course the creatures that inhabit it.

In fact, Alexa Dellanos is vegan and also showed us that she was at a banquet where she ate things that look pretty delicious, but that were still things she can eat.

Despite the global situation, Myrka Dellanos’ beautiful daughter continues to go out with her friends to eat and we could see her having an amazing time with them toasting and celebrating to continue in good health something that last year worried her a lot since all this began.

There is no doubt that Alexa Dellanos has always been able to deal with this issue with a positive mind and recommending that we also do the same because everything we think is attracted by our minds to our lives so surely the most convenient thing is to think positive.

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