Chris Evans talks about the moments MCU favorite and his love for Robert Downey Jr.


The world of film Marvel is on our screens for over a decade now, delighting the public everywhere with a multitude of moments film memorable. Now, Captain America: The First Avenger himself, Chris Evans, has revealed some of its moments MCU of the most valuable, beginning with a favorite scene of fans of Captain America 2014: The Winter Soldier.

“The Russo are real moviegoers, and they have such a knowledge and such a love for certain scenes of certain movies. And you can tell when they are excited by some of the moments that they want to make it iconic; they were really excited by the first fight of the elevator scene in Winter Soldier. ”

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“You could tell that they wanted this to be special, and accordingly, it is one of my fight sequences favorite. And the moment with the helicopter, they said, listen, they had a shot in the head, they had a position, the posture in their mind, you can see when they are excited that you are one piece of the puzzle in their creative vision. ”

The moment full of action in The Winter Soldier is a high point especially in the MCU, and means that Captain America is facing a gang of henchmen Hydra within the confines of an elevator. The sequence of intense combat shows what Cap is capable of and ends with a tower shield nice the public of the patriotic Avenger.

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Chris Evans has also discussed her last appearance on screen in Avengers: the End of the game, in particular his scenes sharing the screen with the actor of Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr.

“And beyond all, Endgame was really special to me because my head space was really into the part reflective and grateful. You almost have the impression of living in a memory; you have the impression that it is almost as if the moment had already passed , so you really try to soak up and enjoy what it has looked like this trip. ”

“As I said, in Endgame, there are so many great moments. I love the scenes with Downey. I love to see the evolution of these two characters. They usually give them to Cape of great motivational speech and things like that. All of these scenes where there’s all of us together, and this is just a real moment of reflection and special. ”

Evans has also recently reflected on his decision to join the Marvel universe in the role coveted Captain America, saying: “It was the best decision I ever made, and I do really [Marvel chief] Kevin Feige for his perseverance and helps them to avoid making a mistake giant. To be honest, all the things I feared have never really led. I fell in love with Steve Rogers quickly enough. ”

Although it currently appears that the time of Evans in the MCU is finished, there is always a chance for the actor to return to the fold and for Steve Rogers to take back the shield. Many fans are still hoping to see a mini-series depicting the journey from Cape town in the time in order to bring the stones from the infinity to the right place. Until then, we will always have the fight scene elevator. This comes to us from the . Reporter.

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