Christina Milian appears with Isaiah and M Pokora and cracks the canvas!

Christina Milian unveils an adorable photo alongside her son Isaiah and her darling M Pokora and then cracks the Web.

Christina Milian has once again melted users on Instagram… Discover the adorable shot of the American star in the company of Isaiah and the man who shares his life, M Pokora.

With every appearance on the Web, as on the big screen, Christina Milian then puts everyone in agreement. It must be said that the public loves it!

Internet users follow its activity with the greatest attention, especially through its various social networks. And for now, there’s plenty to do!

The famous 39-year-old actress and singer reveal everything about her daily life, to say the least animated. With it, fans don’t really have time to get bored.

Photoshoots, fashion and beauty tips, tender moments with your family, and new announcements, everything goes! And the public is delighted.

As a result, Christina Milian has no less than 6 million followers on Instagram, the showcase of her most beautiful photos. Yes, you’ve heard it!

And to the delight of Internet users, she has just shared a new one. She poses alongside her darling M Pokoraand their child!


For several years now, Christina Milian and her darling M Pokora have been enjoying happy days. The two cakes love each other to madness and never cease to prove it to themselves.

Moreover, they do not hesitate to display their love in the eyes of all on social networks. Their different accounts are overflowing with clichés together!

On Sunday, January 31, the American star re-offended on Instagram. You’ll probably understand, so she unveiled a new and unpublished photo!

On it, she appears alongside the man who shares his life. And they’re tuned! They both wear a black outfit. We love it!

But that’s not all… Another person takes a seat on the singer’s new post. Yes, it is indeed little Isaiah!

The latter is comfortably seated on his mother’s chest. Once again, the couple preferred to blur their faces. As you probably know, he does not want to expose it yet and thus prefers to preserve his identity.

Under the spell, Internet users then reacted en masse to the new post of the beautiful Christina Milian. They’re melting at the sight of the little family! It must be said that they are really adorable.

So we let you take a look at it, but… Watch your eyes!

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