Christina Milian unveils never-before-seen photos of Violet for her 11th birthday!

On her Instagram account, Christina Milian shared several never-before-seen photos of her granddaughter Violet to celebrate her birthday!

Very active on social networks, Christina Milian often shares photos of her daily life. But that’s not all. She also showcases her granddaughter Violet as much as possible. This is also the case this weekend.

On Friday, February 26, Christina Milian shared several photos and videos on her Instagram account. And the least we can say is that it did not fail to make a sensation on the social network.

For her granddaughter Violet’s birthday, Christina Milian unveiled some really adorable memories. But that’s not all. She also released a video of her daughter taking care of her little brother, Isaiah.

Since the arrival of the little boy in the family, Violet is really very close to her little brother. She takes her role very seriously and makes her mother and Mr. Pokora proud. Both are very happy to see them so complicit.

Christina Milian’s mom shared photos of Violet and Isaiah recently. They seemed very happy to see her two little children so close. Soon, the family will welcome a new baby.

In the caption of her photos and Instagram videos, Christina Milian also wrote to her daughter: “I wish my beautiful best daughter Violet a happy 11th birthday! The years have passed quickly.”


Christina Milian added: “But every second of the way we had fun. You are the best girl and the best big sister for whom I could ever have prayed.

Christina Milian also continued: “There is no me without you V! Welcome to the other end of the decade ..! Your love makes the world go around! Keep shining my love! Forever your mama! ».

An adorable declaration of love that did not fail to meet his fans. It must be said that the pretty brunette has a really very fusion relationship with her big girl. The two are really very close.

In the comments, fans also wished Violet a happy birthday. But that’s not all. Some loved ones have also shared some really adorable messages. They revealed all their love to Christina Milian’s daughter.

They wrote to Christina Milian’s daughter: “She has such a beautiful spirit. Happy birthday. “She really has the cutest of minds. but also “You are such a treasure.” We love you, Violet.

Adorable messages are full of love that are sure to please the little girl. It must be said that Violet is a real star on social networks. Christina Milian fans really love it!

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