Condolences to Queen Elizabeth for her husband Philip It is possible!

Faced with Philip’s pitiful departure from Edinburgh, many people would empathize with the feeling of British monarch Queen Elizabeth, following the loss of her husband, so many fan royals would like the idea of being able to express her condolences if there is a way and here we reveal it to you!

Although many people know the story of the couple they know that it would not be easy for Queen Elizabeth to fire the one who was her partner for 73 years her first and only great love, for this reason, many followers of the British figure would like to express some words of comfort to her and this is possible thanks to the magical internet today.

From the UK, a website was enabled where anyone in the world will be able to send a message to the mother of Prince Charles ofWales, for these hard times.

To do so, you must click on this link which takes you to the official royalty page, then scroll down the page, and on the “Book of Condolence” tab finally, enter the legend “Send a message of condolence”.

To do this you only need to write your full name and email and that is how in a very easy way you would send a message to the sovereign herself that until now, she has already received a synnumero of condolences from representatives of various nationalities.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave emotional words highlighting his great work, in which he referred, Philip helped lead the royal family and monarchy which gave the great meaning “indisputably vital to the balance and happiness of our national life.”

It has also transcended that the British royal family has asked its citizens to consider making a donation to the charities rather than leaving a floral tribute in memory of the Duke, as suggested by one of the official messages.

Queen Elizabeth and Duke Philip of Edinburgh, “Count of Merioneth”, “Baron Greenwich”, titles awarded to her by her father-in-law when she married then-Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Marie on 20 November 1947.

Philip of Edinburgh, who was also given the treatment of “Royal Highness”, was born under the appointment of “Prince of Greece and Denmark” which she retained until she became the princess’s companion until the departure of King George VI, at which point the young man and wife of the navy officer became the queen of England.

It was only last November 2020 that the couple paid homage to their 73rd anniversary together with a photograph taken of them both in one of the residences.

The image shared on social media on @TheRoyalFamily’s official account last 2020 showed the most senior royals, Elizabeth II and Philip of Edinburgh, admiring a beautiful postcard made by one of their great-grandees, on the faces of both a smile was drawn that loomed the memories of their large family.

During their lifetime together, the head of state of 16 states that make up the commonwealth and the skilled “pole player” procreated four sons, Prince Charles of Wales (future king), Ana, Andrew, and Edward.

On 09 April, the one remembered as a helpless child surviving abandonment, a persevering athlete, prominent Navy officer, pilot, rider, painter, husband, and adviser to Elizabeth II, England’s most important figure, Philip of Edinburgh, departed at the age of 99.

His departure came in a very peaceful manner while he was sleeping he secured in a statement Buckingham Palace which spread in the early hours of last Friday.

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