Confined on Earth, Halle Berry’s dream of the Moon in “Moonfall”


(Relaxnews) – actress oscar winner is poised to join Josh Gad in the cast of the forthcoming film by Roland Emmerich, “Moonfall”, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This science-fiction story would turn in the fall in Canada for a planned release in 2021.

Since last march, the theaters are closed and the filming, the big productions, at least, are off. In the Face of this new situation, Hollywood does not let down, and took the opportunity to fine-tune the casting of his next film production.

After you have enlisted Josh Gad, Roland Emmerich has managed to convince Halle Berry to participate in her next undertaking, “Moonfall”, which he also signs the writing and the production. This science-fiction film told how a team of astronauts tries a mission is highly dangerous, saving the planet Earth and its inhabitants from a collision with the moon, having been deflected by a mysterious form of energy.

In this “Armageddon” of the space, Halle Berry will play an astronaut from NASA that the previous space mission suggests an impending disaster. Josh Gad, seen most recently in the comedy of HBO’s “Avenue 5”, will play an eccentric genius.

Roland Emmerich, known for his achievements in spectacular (“2012”, “The Day after”, “Independence Day”), will start the shooting of “Moonfall” this fall in Canada, if the security measures sanitary permit. The film is expected to arrive at the cinema in 2021.

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