Coronavirus, FC Barcelona: division in the locker room by the proposal of reduction of salary to players in Spain


The pandemic coronavirus has ensured that even the big clubs decide to cut the salary of its players before a total breakdown in the major leagues of Europe. One of them is the FC Barcelonathat already works on the mechanisms to stop paying up to 70% of wages to their stars.

In the bosom of the club azulgrana understand that in the absence of income, all the first team players should do their part. However, in spite of the situation that is lived in Spanish football by the COVID-19, there is no agreement between the parties, the only division in the locker room.

According to the newspaper ‘Sport’, in the FC Barcelona there are up to three groups with different positions. The first is comprised of players who do not want the club to touch a single euro of their wages. Understand that if the school made a bad flat planning season with signings unnecessary, they need not assume the responsibilities of the desman.

On the other side are the players who consider that the proposal of FC Barcelona is logical and are willing to accept the measures so as not to affect more the economy of the club. Yes, the idea is to study propositions along with their lawyers. Still does not give the OK, but they would accept the temporary reduction in salary.

Always according to the quoted source, there is another sector of the locker room barca considered to conform to the posture of the AFE (Association of Spanish Footballers), who proposes an agreement in the event that LaLiga is not to resume before 30 June. If so, the players would reduce the salary by 10% and the impact to LaLiga would be a -10%.

If da time to play what’s left in the months of June-July, in compressed format, the AFE would accept to play every 48 or 72 hours and, in exchange, each player of the First and Second would win 15-20% more than their salary.




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