Coronavirus. Footballer tie women to promote Stay at Home


Brazil /

The call to social distancing and stay in their homes by the pandemic of coronavirus has been promoted responsibly by artists, musicians and athletes, but the brazilian footballer Luis Henrique rose controversial video to Instagram of three women bound and gagged, ensuring that “just so you can have women in their houses”.

In their InstaStoriesthe player of 18 years of Botafogo appears playing video games with his father and brothers, but to change the decision teaches his girlfriend and two other family members tied to a chair and with the mouth covered by duct tape, according to him to promote the movement “Stay at Home”.

For those who still say they don’t know how to pass the quarantine with women, here is how. Just so we can be at home, do your part and stay home,” he said in the controversial video that disappeared from your profile.

The criticisms and claims of the inappropriate content made the front remove the images, though he said that he did nothing wrong because “in social networks, several comedians made the joke”, besides claiming that those involved agreed without problem to left to tie for the publication.

Who is Luis Henrique, a player of Botafogo?

Luis Henrique Tomaz de Lima is a brazilian footballer who plays as a striker or winger in the Botafogois only 18 years old and fresh in January 2020 he was promoted to the First Team, with which sum two games and an assist until the break of the football in that country due to the pandemic of COVID-19.


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