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Natalie Portman (38) is one of the actresses most influential in the world of social networking in the united States. The interpreter of the tape “Black Swan” used his account of Instagram to send a brief reflection to all of their followers that are quarantined by coronavirus.

The actress that gave life to Padme Amidala in “Star Wars” decided to use a photograph before becoming a mother to ask their fans to stay home.

“Staying at home, before having children”wrote Natalie Portman in his account of Instagram. In images you can see the movie star lying on a sofa and reading a book.

The publication of Portman has more than 170 thousand ‘likes’ on the part of all his followers Instagram in the world.

“You’re a queen”, “At that age you were Padme Amidala”, “That photo must be of 1999”, “Very beautiful”, are some of the comments that can be found in Instagram.

As you recall, the artist of israeli origin comes through the quarantine by posting cooking videos on Instagram.

End to indicate that Natalie Portman will participate in the new tape Marvel “Thor: Love and Thunder” the director Taika Waititi. There is still no release date for the new film ‘God of thunder’.

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What Leonard Leon was riding in a condo by coronaviruses?

What Leonard Leon was riding in a condo by coronaviruses?

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