Coronavirus: The GAFA have to pay for the culture during the crisis, believes Jean-Michel Jarre


Click, a series. Click a complete discography. Click, a symphony concert virtual. Click, a movie, two movies, three movies. During this time, Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, aka GAFA, of this world rub their hands, grin on his lips.

“In these times of generalized crisis, these big platforms are the only ones who enrich themselves on the backs of the virus, deplores Jean-Michel Jarre. They make their butter with the content created by people who, for the most part, do not have anything to eat. “

It is to overthrow steam as the UNESCO, Jean-Michel Jarre is a goodwill ambassador, launched Wednesday Résiliart. A movement created in collaboration with the international Confederation of societies of authors and composers (CISAC), of which the pioneer of electronic music, is also the chairman. “The festivals are cancelled, the cinemas are closed. There are technicians and designers who do not know how to feed their family. The simple idea of Résiliart, it is to encourage each country to have such debates and to bring the issues to the public scene, what. We will need art more than ever as a means of resilience to be able to find them. “

On Wednesday, the first such debate, held in line, among other things, was worn by Yasmina Khadra. The author of algeria has pointed out that “music is the only talent that God wanted men “and that” the culture, it is a sector that creates employment, opportunities “. Also, the musician from benin, Angélique Kidjo has launched : “The day that the GAFA will be ready to get up in the morning, go to work, and you do not receive a cheque at the end, I will be able to say yes to free content. “

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There was something almost… amazing to hear these artists tackle the issue from a financial point of view. “The artists’ relation with money has always been difficult — even if they need to be more aware of the business around, note about Jean-Michel Jarre. The artists are vulnerable because they doubt themselves of their value. How a writer, a musician can judge how much is worth what he has to write, to compose ? “

Rest than this value, it is huge. As we take to new awareness between these four walls that runs along it. “There are three billion people who are confined for weeks. And that is what they are doing, these people ? They go out to pick up the food. Otherwise, they consume the culture. Movies, books, music. In particular, by a screen, on the Internet. It makes use of several reflections. “

Imagine a containment world without music, without film, without video games, no books. This would be a desert and a despair total.

Among them, the way you hold the culture for granted. While it should never be. “Democracy has need of culture, is reminiscent of the composer. This is the reason why dictatorships are suspicious of them. “


At the beginning of the pandemic, the actress Gal Gadot has released a recording in which his friends famous sang (false) Imagine, John Lennon. The ire online has been terrible. Imagine, when you have a bathroom the size of a house with a spa in the lounge, and millions in the bank, it is easy. Imagine, when one has just lost his job and has mouths to feed, much less.

The Imagine Jean-Michel Jarre, UNESCO and CISAC wants to be more human, sensitive. And concrete. “Imagine a containment world without music, without film, without video games, no books. This would be a desert and desperation, total “, he said. Résiliart aims to provide discussions, solutions to that such a world does not exist — while ensuring that artists are remunerated at their fair value. And the main solution, according to the French composer, it’s as simple as that. “It is necessary, once and for all, that governments are demanding a fee of GAFA. Solidarity also needs to pass by them. There is a window now for a change of paradigm. “

On the cover ofOxygenagain , we see the Earth. On the Ground is superimposed a skull. The album worship is the third of Jean-Michel Jarre, was published in 1976. And yet, it turns out the news striking. “No pun personal, today, more than ever, the culture, it is like the oxygen that we breathe. If we want that the creators continue to give oxygen, it is necessary to give them. “

During the debate, the veteran has also often repeated :” We’re not asking for charity, just for fair remuneration. “” Artists don’t need a telethon. These are not sick people that need help. “

It should, however, help the culture to receive the respects that it deserves. Him to invent a new economy in the digital world. Stop this ” cheapening progressive “, as he calls it. “There are people who refuse to pay a few coins for a piece of work that represents months of work, but who do not hesitate to buy a pair of Nike 100 euros that has also cost in the cost price of a euro in China, deplores Jean-Michel Jarre. The offset is really mind blowing. It is necessary to stop it. “

It is not necessary to stop, it is to talk about the role that the arts play in our lives. “The priority is that people heal themselves and heal. The second, is that people can eat to their hunger. While nourishing their hearts and their brains. And this is thejobcreators. It is for this reason that we must respect. “


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