Could a collaboration between Latina Shakira and group BLACKPINK happen?

Recently BLACKPINK member Rosé performed a song by Shakira and now everyone has their suspicions about a musical collaboration

It is impossible to stop hearing the name BLACKPINK everywhere and it is that these young South Koreans know what they want and how far they want to go. Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé have stolen everyone’s attention in recent years and the latter has been the one who has stolen the attention even of the Colombian Shakira, as the singer shared a video of her and left everyone wishing for something more than admiration between the two.

It turns out that K-Pop singers who have conquered audiences of all kinds recently attended a Korean program in which she did a short sketch in which she performed the song ‘Waka, waka’ of the Latin singer. The young woman was surrounded by dancers and delighted with her beautiful voice in the theme that the famous one contributed to the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

The iconic song brought memories to all of them was performed by Roseanne ParkRosé’s real name who was born in New Zealand on February 11, 1997, although as many know, she was raised in Melbourne, Australia, however, at fourteen she arrived in South Korea, where she was cast by YG Entertainment.

Her charisma, talent, beauty, and that characteristic pink hair caught Shakira’s attention and she decided to share the video through her official account on Instagram and she commented: “Oh wow! Nice to see you do that, you are super cute. Thank you Rosé . Pd. I love your hair, “the Latina shared.


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In the video we can see the young singer who has achieved great success in the world with her life companions interpreting and dancing to the rhythm of this theme, while we see a classroom set up for the sketch, she in a shirt uniform, vest, skirt, and shoes, with a half train and a shining before the cameras.

More than five million reproductions achieved the video that the Colombian shared and it was immediately filled with comments, since the fans of both are always on the lookout for everyone, so they have decided to demand collaboration from all of them together, which would not be something impossible.

BLACKPINK has managed to sing alongside singers like Cardi B, Selena Gómez, Dua Lipa, and Lady Gaga, so Shakira would be the first Latin singer to join them, but for now, it could be all a future illusion since none of the involved has ruled on the matter.

It is worth mentioning that the Latin rhythm and K-Pop could come together very soon, as it has been rumored that Bad Bunny and BTS could unite the talent in an incomparable fusion. A few months ago, rumors circulated that the Puerto Rican could collaborate alongside the South Korean boy band of the moment, however, he spoke about all this during an interview and commented on something that made everyone laugh about the situation.

During an interview as part of the promotion of his new album entitled “The last world tour”, which includes songs such as ‘The world is mine’, ‘Last night’ with Rosalía, and ‘I saw like this ‘, Bad Bunny revealed the possibilities of a collaboration with the idols of BigHit.

The reggaeton player assured that he would collaborate with the young people of the BTS group, but he sets a condition and that is to do it once he learns to dance like them, since, in addition to having incredible sounds and visuals, K-Pop has stood out for its fascinating choreographies made by idols with their collaborators.

Benito Martínez, Bad Bunny’s real name, does not want to be “humiliated” next to these dance professionals, so obviously, he would have to practice too much if he wants to match himself before the cameras and the possible musical collaborations that take place.

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