Cursed on Netflix : Katherine Langford in the Lady of the Lake in a trailer epic


You are not going on vacation this summer ? Don’t worry, Netflix is there for you. And this month of July is going to be a blessing for all the fans of the series. In addition to the online release of season 2 of Umbrella Academy, the 31 next July, which is the 17th of July, in which the streaming platform is going to add to his catalogue of the season 1 Damnhis new fantasy series range by Katherine Langford.

The summer series

The program ? Adapted from the novel by Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller, this film puts us in a reinvention of the Arthurian legend. Here, it is Nimue who will be the main protagonist of this story, and embark on an adventure that will see his face his destiny, that of becoming the true Lady of the Lake. Accompanied by a young man Arthur, far from any ambition realistic, she will do everything possible to protect a certain magic sword and bring it back to the famous Merlin, mysteriously stripped of her powers.

It has been used by Katherine Langford (Nimue), Devon Terrell (Arthur), Gustaf Skarsgård (Merlin) and Daniel Sharman (the Monk crying) Damn it seems like a good summer series, not taking head. Don’t expect a universe as rich as The Witcher, none of the characters also worked in Game of Thronesbut we must, however, have the right to some good plans, the special effects is not bad, and a thrilling storyline. Does not revolutionize the genre, Damn you should at least entertain us.

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