DC Star Reveals Secret to Getting Muscular in Shazam!


In a post on Twitter, the actor Zachary Levi revealed a detail “hidden” on the costume used in Shazam !, The DC.

It turns out that the costume featured localized fillers to make the actor look more muscular on the scene, which many DC fans had long suspected.

“There was just a little filling,” Levi admitted in a joke with a social network follower

Filled superhero outfits are no longer a surprise these days, as this has become a widely used technique even for actors who are already quite strong.

Shazam ! 2 is under development at Warner Bros./DC, with a script being written by Henry Gayden, the same as the original.

Zachary Levi must return in Shazam ! 2, which does not yet have a release forecast.


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