Deadpool 3 Under Development at Marvel Studios

Ryan Reynolds confirms the movie.

Marvel Studios will even continue Deadpool with a third movie.

After some uncertainty about the character’s future, especially after ownership has passed into Disney’s hands, Ryan Reynolds confirmed that Deadpool 3 is already under development.

During a Christmas special, the actor was interviewed and asked if there were any more Deadpool movies, something that was entitled to a positive and straightforward response.

At 9:20 minutes in the video below, Reynolds is asked about plans for a new Deadpool movie and reveals that his team is already working with Marvel Studios.

“Yes, we are working on it right now with the whole team.”

“We’re at Marvel right now, which means we’re in the major league, it’s crazy. Yes, we’re working on it.”

Both Deadpool films have been praised for their eccentric humor, boldness, irreverence and for not departing from violent action scenes, something many fear is at risk at Disney.

Will Marvel Studios allow a Deadpool 3 Rated-R?


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