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Chris Evans embodies a father’s tortured face of her child accused of murder in the mini-series Apple+ TV, “Defending Jacob,” which is available this Friday, April 22.

What is it about ?

The son of an attorney of a small town in Massachusetts is accused of murder. While he tries to clear his boy, the attorney discovers some secrets that will sow the seeds of doubt. Cornered, what choice will he make between his duty to defend justice and his unconditional love for his son ?

Mini-series created by Mark Bomback. Based on the novel of William Landay. 8 episodes seen on 8. Available on Apple TV+ as early as 24 April.

what it looks like ?

It is with that ?

Defending Jacob is worn by Chris Evans, who swapped here the revealing outfits of the super-hero that we know him, of the Fantastic 4 to Captain America, against a suit and a beard well trimmed in order to embody a brilliant lawyer, a good father of a family, plagued by doubt and lies. His wife also disturbed is played by Michelle Dockery, Lady Mary Crawley of Downton Abbey, seen recently in the western Godless and thriller sexy Good Behavior. In the family Barber, he is also the son, the accused, played by the young’jaeden Martell, cross in Ca and gahler fired.

His lawyer is played by Cherry Jones, the memorable President of 24 Hours Chrono. In the role of colleague, interviewer of the hero, we find Betty Gabriel, creepy in Get Out; and in that of the father of Chris Evans, JK Simmons, star Counterpart, revealed by the series HBO Oz, reviewed in The Closer in particular, and rediscovered thanks to the film, Damien Chazelle Whiplash. A distribution is particularly strong in the sum.

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it’s worth the look ?

With Defending Jacob, mini-series completed in just eight episodes, Apple TV+, one of the last born in the cutthroat world of platforms, proving again that it does not have to blush in the face of its competitors HBO, Netflix, and Amazon, and that it has the means of its ambitions. A proposal for the classic look but neat, that one must at Anonymous Content, the production company behind many of the critical success recent like True Detective, Mr Robot, 13 Reasons Why, or The OA, and the writer Mark Bombackin a universe away from The planet of the apes and Divergent, its most salient facts of the weapon.

Much more judicial police, she convinces first of all by its atmosphere heavy, heavy, even suffocating in its the most intense moments, by its sobriety of all also, which is not without reminding us of the crime fiction of the nordic and their many local variations. One thinks in particular of The Killing. She refuses bravely to give in to the temptation of a large number of false tracks and is especially skillful in bringing his shocking revelations, without ever losing sight of what appears to be its main objective : dissect almost clinically the family relations when they are put to the test of deception, of the popular vengeance, and especially of the doubt. Doubt is creeping, winding, gnaws as much as he drives us as far as the vise tightens, and the outcome, surprising, approach. Jacob is really innocent ? The question arises constantly.

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Behind his filter, blue night, Defending Jacob is a great darkness; behind its slowness, primary, it captivates; and behind his apparent coldness, she touches. Always just, Chris Evans impresses in this role tortured, that he’s going to finally perfectly, while Michelle Dockery confirms in what is certainly his performance the most inhabited. Actors well directed, staged it, not mannered, a suspense thriller and a poignant account : Defending Jacob has everything for you to obsess over.


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