The holiday season of 2020 held special significance for Demi Lovato, as it coincided with her recovery from an eating disorder. To celebrate this milestone, the “OK to Not Be OK” singer shared photos of her stretch marks on Instagram, openly recounting the experience of accepting her body.

On Christmas Eve, Demi posted an album on Instagram: ” In honor of my gratitude for where I am today, these are little snaps that I took myself in quarantine this summer when I wanted to celebrate my stretch marks instead of ashamed of it, “he wrote in the caption.


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” I put some glitter on my stretch marks to celebrate my body and all its characteristics (whether society considers them good or bad). My stretch marks won’t go away, so why not put some sparkle on them? 😝✨ “, continued the 28-year-old.

” Let this also be a reminder for anyone who thinks it’s not possible: IT REALLY IS YOU CAN DO IT. I TRUST YOU. This year has been tough … be kind to yourself if you’re wrong, remember to get back on track because YOU ARE WORTH THE MIRACLE OF RECOVERY 💖 I LOVE YOU ✨ ”

” Latest photos with no sparkling edits – Instagram vs reality like do you know this shit? ” Concludes Demi.

And we can only agree with you completely because, in a society that offers us unattainable and unrealistic ideals of beauty, your post is a real breath of fresh air.

Oh, by the way, the pop star just cut all her hair into an icy pixie cut, and to complete the makeover she even got her nose pierced. Demi defined the choice to change her look as ” a spiritual and emotional thing “.

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