Discover her kim Kardashian skin wearing flirty pajamas!

With little sleeping cloth, it seems that Kim Kardashian is quite pleased to always have his followers on the slope of his movements and publications and even more so when these are atr3vidas as the most recent video he shared where he appears showing more skin while wearing what appears to be pajamas.

The Bella socialité used her official Instagram account to share this entertaining video because she was not only posing in front of the camera but was also delighting her taste buds.

Apparently, it is making a custom on the part of the celebrity to share behind-the-camera content from their sessions, this could have several reasons the rhyme them is that maybe Kim Kardashian wants to share varied content.

The second reason could also be for your millions of followers to see the hard work it takes for a single photograph to appear as advertising or cover somewhere.

Although it seems to be a simple job it takes a lot of staff, although on this occasion as you can see you can not see part of the production team as on other occasions, however in front of Kylie Jenner’s older sister if they can distinguish some shadows.

In the video of his photoshoot Kim Kardashian is posing for the camera, he is wearing trousers from his new line of SKIMS Jacquard, for a few days he has been sharing content related to this new line with which he renews each time he releases new garments.

In addition to her trousers which by the way is silver with brand print throughout the fabric, Kendall Jenner’s older sister and Kris Jenner’s daughter is wearing a kind of s0sthe as part of the outfit, this one is quite tiny and brings with her some thin slats to tie up.

To draw even more attention what so far seems to be a former Kanye West couple is eating grapes, with one of their hands holding a cluster and with the other keeps it a little in their mouth as if he were testing it.

In his video he is in front of a brown background, perhaps that’s why he accompanied the grapes because they are similar tones and to draw even more attention he is using a silver stone choker that immediately captures the attention of his fans.

Her hair as rarely in her sessions wears loose because she usually wears a specific hairstyle even if she brings it to lose, as to her makeup decided to wear it a little more natural because of the relationship that she is wearing pajamas “before bed”.

It’s also something out of the ordinary that this type of content has shared in an Instagram post because Kourtney Kardashian’s younger sister usually shares them in her stories, however, it’s nice to be able to see her in this type of content over and over again.

As is also customary among his publications immediately his fans began to give him love through likes, so far he has 953 thousand 105 red hearts and 6 thousand 266 comments, the song heard in the background is by Lecrae & Andy Mineo is called “Coming In Hot”.

This new line of your SKIMS brand will be available in a few days, the social media star always gives its fans and consumers the option to sign up for a waiting list to be able to purchase their products faster.

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