Disney + is preparing a complete series on “Percy Jackson” and “capote”


Whether you’re a fan of the novels Percy Jackson or movies with Logan Lerman, you will be excited to learn that a tv series full is in preparation!

He is the author of the saga, Rick Riordan, who announced the great news on Twitter. In a small video in which he is accompanied by his wife Becky, he had this to say: “After a lot of work and support from all the fans, Percy Jackson arrives on Disney +”!

The saga of 5 novels had been adapted into a movie in 2010 with Percy Jackson : The Thief of lightningand then in 2013 with Percy Jackson : Sea of monsters.

Although the fans have at this time loved the choice of Logan Lerman in the role of Percy and Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth, the critics were wrong. The followers of the books have not appreciated the changes made to the film adaptation, and the project to adapt all the novels and was canceled after only 2 movies.


The Rick Riordan has also addressed this in the text that accompanied his announcement and which reads as follows: “Hey fans of Percy Jackson, for the last decade, you’ve worked so hard to get a faithful adaptation of the world of Percy on screen. Some of you have even suggested that this would be a good series for Disney + and we agree! We can’t reveal too much information at this point in the process, but we are very excited about the idea of a series of the best possible quality, which follows the story of 5 books Percy Jackson with The Thief of lightning for season 1. Be assured that Becky and I are going to be very involved in all aspects of the series. We will have more news to reveal to you in the future, but, for the moment, we have work to do! Be prepared, demi-gods, this is going to be very exciting!”

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The publication of Rick was quickly obtained not less than 180,000 “likes” on Twitter, proving that the fans were very excited by this news.

Logan Lerman, Percy Jackson himself, has reacted to the news by saying, “I hope that the books will finally have the accommodations that they deserve”… phew!

It is not yet known which actors may interpret the principal roles, but many fans have expressed on Twitter their desire to review Logan and Alexandra, suggesting that they could play Poseidon and Athena.

Considering that Poseidon is the father of Percy Jackson and Percy is between the ages of 12 and 16 years old in the books, the fact that Logan has 28 years makes this idea a bit far-fetched, but not completely impossible.

We will follow this story very closely!


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