Divorce? Meghan Markle’s family predicts her worst future

A relative very close to actress Meghan Markle revealed in an interview the worst-case scenario that the young woman and Prince Harry will have in their marriage: “I see them divorcing,” were some of their first words.

It was Meghan Markle’s stepsister who has predicted the possible future her half-sister and her husband Prince Harry would have if they “don’t take cards on the matter” resolved during the talk.

Through an encounter with the TMZ medium, Samantha Markle, a 56-year-old writer, shared a revelation that claims it could become very real and some other specialists in topics about royals, have come to consider it. He stressed that the couple should seek help now!

I see them ending in divorce unless they have extensive professional help and come to an agreement to work in honesty, in apologies to everyone who has hurt,” he said. “Nothing that’s happened has been honest, and the damage to the royal family has been massive especially now.”

Relentlessly, Samantha, asserted that Prince Harry could at one point realize Meghan’s “manipulation.”

He must have done it if he has a functional frontal lobe. Come on, he’s not 12 anymore, he was in the army. He must have a sense of, ‘Oh, God, everything you’ve told me has been a lie,’ and what a man would be happy like that.

Prince Harry is an “intelligent and experienced man” who might realize everything in the end and separate himself from his stepsister, he warned.

I think the minute he starts dissenting or turning away from her, I think he might get nasty, he said.


Samantha considers it to be the“American star,” who must take the first step to approach Thomas, their father, as she believes, greatly hurt the relationship they both had. “You must apologize.”

A public apology. God, I know it would be like taking blood off a rock, but it did a lot of public damage to its manipulation.

“Thomas Markle didn’t deserve it,” he says, has always given him unconditional love.

She’s the one who needs to fix the damage, she hurt a man who gave her an amazing life. Very painful and very bad. She would have to take the first step and the parents are unconditionally loving, but my God, she hurt him too much.

It must be said that until now, the relationship with which he was the protagonist of“Suits”, with his father and his half-brothers has not been anywhere near improvement, but quite the opposite became increasingly complicated since, before the wedding with the heir to royalty, conflicts have not been resolved to this day.

And to add another new one, Samantha has decided to speak before the cameras about what would be the lives of the “former members” of the crown who a week ago turned the British Family the target of various signs in the face of a series of revelations to Oprah Winfrey.

After the explosive interview, the father of the“former member of the English royal family” approached the cameras and would apparently take the first step recognizing one of his mistakes in revealing that he had shared information with the press.

This would have been one of the main sources of the conflict with her youngest daughter. On the other hand, Thomas noted that he did not consider the British Family “racist” and warned that he would not stop giving statements to the press until Meghan and her husband approach him, as now that they live a few miles away he remains hopeful that his daughter would look for him, he said.

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