Does Queen Elizabeth end disputes of Princes Harry and William?

For Queen Elizabeth there would be many moments to deal with in the midst of her husband’s farewell to Duke Philip of Edinburgh, so she decided once and for all to clear up the disputes between her grandchildren with a strong message Would it be enough for Prince William and his brother?

He transcended queen Elizabeth, took letters in the matter after her grandchildren, Prince Harry and the second in the line of succession to the throne, Prince William, will meet again after a year without seeing each other but if they exchange some particular disputes for certain strong statements.

According to recent sources, the “British monarch” would prevent the differences between the sons of Prince Charles of Wales from becoming more evident. Particularly in the act in which they would give the last farewell to the prince “consort” of the monarch so he gave his grandchildren a strong and powerful message, the instructions for the heirs to the throne (Harry before his resignation), were clear from the queen.

They say the royal would not want any unpleasant samples from the brothers that distracted for a moment the meeting that at that time occupied the memory and legacy of the Duke of Edinburgh. From what he told his grandchildren, “they will put aside differences for the good of the family,” as spread by a friendship close to the British Royal Family.

The source added that Prince William, as well as other family members, are greatly affected by some of Harry and Meghan’s statements in the interview with Oprah Winfrey, however, everyone understood that this was not the time to address this issue.”

Although, clearly, the brief moment starring the sons of the d! funta “Lady Diana of Wales” will not be enough for such a spontaneous approach, at least for many it represented a small ray of hope.

Although unfortunately, the reason for the reunion of his grandchildren would not be what everyone would have expected, surely the remembered “Navy officer”, buried last Saturday, April 17, (Philip of Edinburgh) would have enjoyed having seen them in this way, as they claimed, he was very upset about the estating among the princes.

In the midst of the procession, it was inevitable for many to remember that those who were “inseparable brothers”, just two years apart, would have lived a similar moment when the departure of their mother in which they both walked with their father and grandfather after the coffin of the d! funta Princess Diana, something they pointed out, perhaps, removed the feelings of union that always kept them very close.

In the end, they walked shoulder to shoulder, although in the middle of the two walked their cousin, Peter Philips (son of Princess Anne) himself who allowed his two cousins to walk almost together as he followed them a few steps back in the procession from Windsor Castle to St. George’s Chapel Square.

Inside the Chapel, the body language of the Duke of Sussex did not go unnoticed by applied observers, who suggested that his face denoted some nervousness which was denoted by turning his gaze continues times and repeatedly crashing the order of service into his leg.


Once again, the Duchess of Cambridge was seen as one of the saviors of the situation, someone who has always mediated between the brothers, her husband, William, and her brother-in-law, Harry.

Shortly before leaving Mass, while the Duke of Cambridge was in conversation with the Dean of Westminster at the chapel door, she came with Harry to chat, although it could not be inferred from the masks that he told her, however, what is a fact is that she somehow calmed another of the tense moments at the end of the ceremony.

While it seemed almost impossible to know the impressions William and Harry exchanged during the fun3rary service moments, it would be the Page Six portal that revealed some of these messages.

The Duke of Cambridge explained to his younger brother that the religious service had been “wonderful” to what Harry replied “has been as he would like,” referring to his grandfather (Prince Philip) William then would agree with him and added, the music would have seemed very beautiful to him,” this supposedly, as they left the chapel at the end of the ceremony.

On the other hand, it transited that Harry would have met a few moments with his grandmother in the gardens of Frogmore Cottage as well as with his father, Prince Charles, who they claim is one of the most eager to reconcile with his son.

As for Prince William, they say he is very unworthy of his brother for the statements against the family, in a way, Harry would find himself some cold on arrival, but possibly things with William could be fixed if he regains confidence in the former soldier of the British navy, “knowing that his conversations will not be filtered” Ensure.

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