Donald Trump : who is Kayleigh McEnany, the spokesman of the White House ?


The 7 of April, of Donald Trump, was appointed as the spokesperson of the White House Kayleigh McEnany. At the age of 31 years, the young man Tempa, Florida is one of the youngest recruits ever to be appointed to this position. But who is this fervent supporter of the president of the united states from its creation ?

“I was this blonde girl, outnumbered, fighting for Donald Trump”. In 2016, when the presidential election campaign is in full swing and contrasts, more than ever, Hillary Clinton, and the Donald Trump, Kayleigh McEnanythen still a law student, is hired as a columnist for politics by CNN. If the string is very hostile to the american billionaire to wick blonde peroxydée, the young recruit she brings him unconditional support. And the strength of determination, this native of Tempa in Florida with the words of swiss francs will incorporate later, the circle close to the president, until becoming a spokesman for the White House.

This is the 7 of April, by which Kayleigh McEnany this is what happened to Stephanie Grisham, is reallocating for the better of this post is mainly to answer the questions of the journalists, and to communicate the decisions of the president of the united States to the general public. However, in the full of the pandemic coronavirus, and while Donald Trump campaign for his own re-election, the young woman has more than ever proved its worth. And has even found the trays on television to defend the cause of the husband of Melania Trump.

A fervent supporter of Donald Trump

Passionate about politics, it is at the age of 15 years Kayleigh McEnany he began his career by joining the presidential campaign of George Bush, where she épluchait newspapers in the South-East of the united States to conduct daily briefings to his team leader, as explained in the podcast The fly on The Wall 2018. After leaving his position as a columnist to CNN, this graduate of the university of Georgetown, which is also the entrance to Harvard university, has been appointed spokesman for the Republican National Committee during the summer of 2017, before the publication in January of 2018, the book The new american revolution : the emergence of a populist, a book that brings together interviews and stories about the voters of Donald Trump. A lot of hard work that earned him the opportunity in the year 2019, shall be appointed by the president of the united States, which shall appoint a press officer of his presidential campaign at the national level.

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Controversial figure, who claimed her double mastectomy

The communication outside of the couple in the boards of tv, there is a field where Kayleigh McEnany it also offers the social networks. In your account of Instagram, followed by more than 430,000 subscribers, combines professional photos and pictures of personal. Therefore, if you multiply the photos of their travels, she reveals regular photos of her husband Sean Gilmartin, professional player of baseball team the Tampa Bay Rays, and their daughter Blakeborn in November of 2019. Pour out the couple for what she believes in, the mother is also in her private life, which in 2018 has undergone a double mastectomy because she was a carrier of a risk gene. “My life after mastectomy is not difficult, it is more bold. I can live without fear and full of hope”he relied in particular.

However, with the media, also greased, she is not a relative of Donald Trump for anything, because it has also its number of disputes. “We don’t see some diseases such as the sars coronavirus get here, we will not see terrorism go on here, and it is not refreshing, in comparison with the failures that allowed the Obama presidency ?”it had started in February last on the airwaves of Fox News. But after a record number of deaths in the Covid-19 registered in the united States, Kayleigh McEnany he explained that his words had been taken out of context. And in 2012, she had also picked up this rumor so dear to Donald Trumpaccording to what Barack Obama was not born on american soil… Good or bad time, with the president of the united States, that goes.

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