Don’t sleep on this 25-while you were sleeping


14. During the filming of the scene of the accident on the railway, Bullock was accidentally knocks off the head of Gallagher on a point. “I think, ‘Oh, now I have to stay relaxed as my head hits the edge of the railway”,” The O. C. star said Vulture. “She looked up, like,” Oh my God, what is going on? “And boom. It didn’t really hurt. Just a little bruised. At least the train was not hit.”

15. According to Gallagher, many changes have been made to the original script regarding his character, explaining: “I don’t remember exactly how it changed but it has not been grounded. It was unnecessarily arched.”

16. In the three years following the release of WYWS, Bullock and Pullman are thought to play a parent for Mae Whitman. Bullock played his mother in 1998 The floats of hopewhile Pullman was his father in the blockbuster movie of 1996 On the day of the independence.

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