Doublicat, the last application of “deepfake” video is all the rage


The application Doublicat is initially launching six months ago, but a recent update has catapulted to the front of the stage. The results are impressive.

And if you could put your face in place of Britney Spears or Justin Bieber? These videos have been doctored, so-called “deepfake”, are very popular, but until now reserved for the initiated. For the first time, an application that is called Doublicat puts the technology within reach of all, especially in video.

The principle is simple. The user takes a picture of his face in the application which is then analyzed. Once the traits registered, you can choose from a large library of videos in which you want to embed your face.

Traits of Barack Obama with those of Britney Spears
Traits of Barack Obama with those of Britney Spears ©

The free app with in-app purchases, was the twelfth most downloaded in the Google Play Store Friday, and the troizième in the category of “entertainment” in the App Store, barbecues TikTok and Netflix. Its first version is even released six months ago, but was not allowed to embed his face in the gifs.

An update occurred a few days ago has revived the application. Now offers, in addition to gifs, clips of ten seconds with stars such as Shakira, Rihanna or even Britney Spears. The result is a lot more bluffing at these compilations of images in gif, to explain its renewed popularity.

We have to worry about your personal data?

The application is developed by the company Reface AI, based in Ukraine. In addition Doublicat, hides behind another application, to Reflect, to make deepfake in the photos. Elon Musk, boss of Tesla, had made the promotion by replacing the face of The Rock by their.

“Our technology not to simply copy and paste the face of a person to that of another, but integrates seamlessly with the face that you want in the destination image”, explains the company Reface HAVE on your YouTube channel. “It fits with great precision, even if the exchange is made between the faces of different skin color or of a different sex. Even the emotions of the original face remain in place after the change of face”.

Viral applications as Doublicat or FaceApp (which allowed the age of your face) can lead to a fear in the treatment of millions of faces recorded.

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In its terms of use, the application of ukraine to secure that all the content generated and loaded into the application are the property of the user, but the company reserves the right to use them to improve their services. In January, the Face I was The Next Web:

“The application processes the images of the people and removes them immediately. We will only store the embeddings of face – vector representations of the features of the face – that we do not share with anyone.”

Ukrainian society seems to have learnt from the controversies that have touched another application of deepfake, Zao. This application of china has been criticized for the lack of safety data of its users. Finally, it is never out of China.


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