Dragon Ball Z, the Super Saiyan chessboard is shown in an image


Are you a fan of the manga and anime of Dragon Ball Z? Then you can not buy this keyboard, perfect for every self-respecting Super Saiyan: the images.

Are you a fan of Akira Toriyama’s opera par excellence, namely Dragon Ball Z anime and manga? Maybe you also like chess enough? And then, quite simply, you will not be able to do without this chessboard.

The chessboard that we show you a little further on, in a practical image, is indispensable for every good Super Saiyan worthy of respect: a board game created by the Usaopoly company, which in the coming months should arrive on the market all over the world. The price is not yet known, but take a look at the details: good versus bad. Pedestrians are either Saibamen or Gotenks’ ghosts; king and queen respectively Goku and Vegeta! All right, Moro is missing from Dragon Ball Super, but it’s also normal.

Will you buy this chessboard dedicated to Dragon Ball Z? And in a case which “team” will you play? Also noteworthy is the presence of some non-canonical characters among the bad guys: can you identify them, without any help from us?

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