Drake at the side of Mister V on a new project, the info


In the United States, football or “soccer” as they call it is not the national sport, far from it. Ca déchanterait the fan of the OM that is Jul who is head of sales for its first week with “This is not LOL”. The sports most watched by its citizens, then, are the american football, known especially in France, thanks to its mythical concerts during the Super Bowl, the baseball and of course basketball which has no more secrets for us either. This sport is also one of those that attract more celebrities and artists. Among them a lot of rappers, one of which is reputed to be a denizen of stages and this is Drake. He has also had the privilege to participate in an event much special about it alongside many other artists, including a French…

Who wouldn’t dream as a musician to participate in the soundtrack of a game they appreciate and that has rocked his youth ? It is the opportunity that they had Drake and Mister V by joining the tracklist of the official soundtrack of the popular video game NBA2K20, what luck ! No wonder, however, about the Canadian who is one of the most popular artists in the world, and especially so involved during the matches of his favorite team the Toronto Raptors that he would do almost part ! Mister V, which is also a huge fan of Basketball since always had previously had the honour to see his own avatar in the game and it is now as a musician and rapper that he will have the chance to appear in the BO. One can also find alongside other well known artists such as 2Chainz, Diplo, Lil Wayne, or even Idris Elba to name but a few. The very heavy so that gives us already want to be in 2020 to play it ! In the rest of the music news Ninho and Maes are working on “Remote”, it has the details on this new piece…


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