Drake has the approval of Barack Obama to interpret it in his biopic

The former US president affirmed that he agrees that the singer is the protagonist …

2021 may be the year that Drake returns to acting. The singer, who began his acting career in 2001 and starred in the late series Degrassi: The Next Generation in 2005, could play Barack Obama in the cinematography of the former president of the United States.

And the ex-president himself agrees that Drake is the one to play him.

Barack Obama had nothing but praise for the 34-year-old rapper when asked about him in a new interview, with the 59-year-old politician defending Drake for his talent, who will release his fifth studio album in January.

Appearing in Complex 360 with Speedy Morman, Obama addressed the rumors that suggested Drake was one of the best options to play him on the big screen and it turns out that he totally agrees.

“I’ll say this: Drake seems to be able to do whatever he wants,” he said of the In My Feelings singer.

“I mean, that’s a talented brother. If the time comes and he’s ready… Drake has, most importantly, my family’s seal of approval, ”he assured.

Obama scoffed that the seal of approval would likely be headed by his two daughters, Malia, 22, and Sasha, 19, while joking: “I suspect Malia and Sasha would be fine with that.”

You will be pleased to hear then that Drake has previously said that he is more than willing to take on the role of Obama in the biopic of the former president.

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