Drake Hollow is a release date | Xbox One


Last march, we spoke of the arrival of the beta of Drake Hollow, and today, the studio announced the official release date of the game. The title will arrive, therefore, on July 17, 2020 on Xbox One, Windows 10, as well as on Steam.

Welcome to the Hollow, a place of dilapidated and dying, and the home of the Dragores.

The Dragores are the people of the plant native to this region, and they need your help. They are hungry, thirsty and need a place to sleep. They can literally die of boredom. It is up to you to save them. Build gardens to provide food, wells for water, balls, yoga, and puppet shows to entertain them. Even treadmills and solar panels to produce energy for the coils Tesla and the electric fences, because you’ll quickly see that they need to be protected…

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