Drake’s Hollow : a release date on PC and Xbox One for the coop game where you defend beings plant


The rogue-like The Flame in the Flood had made its small effect in 2016, who asked us to survive in a post-apocalyptic America. The developers The Molasses Flood have since developed a new project, which had been revealed during the X019, Drake Hollow.

Drake Hollow screenshot 1

The game asks us this time build and defend villages occupied by plant creaturesthreatened by wild beasts. It has the feature of being playable solo or up to four, for parts always different.

The Dragores are the people of the plant native to this region, and they need your help. They are hungry, thirsty and need a place to sleep. They can literally die of boredom. It is up to you to save them. Build gardens to provide food, wells for water, balls, yoga, and puppet shows to entertain them. Even treadmills and solar panels to produce energy for the coils Tesla and the electric fences, because you’ll quickly see that they need to be protected…

The Dragores are not the only inhabitants of the Hollow – the Ferocious invaded the land, seeking to destroy everything that is happy or good. Fight them in one-on-one with a wide range of weapons ranging from tennis rackets to guns nails. Bring your friends they give you a helping hand and build up your defenses to successfully remove them without lifting a finger.

Travel from region to region, from season to season, taking the Dragores and their village with you. Each region represents more than one square kilometer of territory to explore, which is generated and populated dynamically with the seasons.

You have to manage your time carefully. What are the supply the most crucial at a given moment ? What does your village need ? Metal from the caches of supplies to build your defenses, or crystals from the devastated areas to grow your Dragores ? Prove that you are able to help Dragores and retake possession of the Hollow.

The project you are interested in ? Then you will be thrilled to learn that the release date of Drake’s Hollow was scheduled for July 17, 2020 on Xbox One and PC via Steam and Microsoft Store. Some new images have been released to accompany this announcement, you can find them on the next page.

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