If you are obsessed with nails, we are sure that you will spend hours admiring the manicures that Dua Lipa regularly posts on Instagram. The new pop princess is a nail chameleon and always tries all the trendy nail trends.

But who is behind the pop star’s spectacular nails? Nail artist Michelle Humphrey, who interviewed by British Vogue, talked about working with the singer of ” Future Nostalgia ”

” Usually Dua always knows what look she wants and shows me pictures, ” Humphrey told the magazine. ” And then we do it, or sometimes I add or subtract something, but it always becomes his thing .”

Glitter, flowers, flames, kaiwaii, Dua’s nails are always so creative and pure joy to look at:

“ I love dating people like Dua or actresses and other personalities. It’s so beautiful and rewarding when you can be creative, ”Humphrey said.

” There is a transformation and you can see a real before and after. A manicure is always a transformation anyway – nails will be cleaner, tidier, and prettier – but when you put some glitter on them and make them fun, that’s what it’s all about. ”

In addition to Dua, whom he sees every one or two weeks (” Sometimes it can be a midnight manicure! “), Humphrey’s funny nails have appeared on the nails of a lot of stars like Adele, Lily Allen, Rita Ora, and Cate Blanchett.

How do you get the ideas?

“ I’ve always had an artistic personality: something comes to my mind, I see it visually in my brain and then I play with it, ” he explained. ” Sometimes I’m inspired by a product, a brand, or a trend, or sometimes there’s something on Instagram that looks funny. However, I always like to give things an original twist .”

In any case, concluded the manicurist of the stars, nails are used to express your personal self: find inspiration from where you can: ” It’s free and easy! ”


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