During this time, Henry Cavill monte a Gaming PC


Henry Cavill has put online a video of 5 minutes in which it displays now mounting of full in PC games.

It is through your Instagram as the assembly of 5 minutes has been posted by the actor of Superman or Geralt of Riv in The Witcher. The operation is laborious, but not always assured (the processor), it is difficult to say if this is your first time or not. The operation seems to have lasted a certain time, to give place to a great game of typical PC, loaded with LEDs. The beast carries a NVIDIA RTX-2080 YOU.

You can find the message on Instagram below.

Henry Cavill is fun to add a music sensual about this moment purely nerdy, and very aware of the difference between his physique and the activity of the players in the minds of the general public. Their fans have known for a while that is a big geek, one of the last tests that he has provided is his video of containment where you can see the painting of miniatures from Warhammer. Very fan of this universe and the Total War games, which has also had the pleasure of having a reference to its name in one of them.

What are you going to play in your Gaming PC ? He soon 3D print their own action figures of Superman or The Witcher ? We expect to see forward to the next.

Erwan Lafleuriel is the editor-in-Chief of IGN of France. A slave to the video game for more than 40 years, he never escapes that, from time to time to mourn for their losses, in Twitter.


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