Dwayne Johnson in politics? Kevin Hart speaks


It was 2017 when Dwayne Johnson (which we all know as The Rock) has confirmed to Variety that he had seriously considered entering politics and run for the presidential elections of the United States in 2024.

Now, he spoke of the question Kevin Hartwho has shared the screen with Johnson in the two films Jumanji.

If it has never wanted to enter politics, I do not think that he would do things half-way“Explained Hart. ” This would give all or nothing. When you see what we have been witnesses … now nothing is more impossible“.

Fans had launched a campaign to convince the actor already during the elections of 2016. A few years ago, in this regard, the actor said:

This is not something I have ever said officially or publicly, I never said ” I’ll do it “, but the story began to circulate and at this moment, I found myself listening to the people and to start to think about that seriously. And this is the situation in which I find myself now: I know well that I am not a policy expert, so the best thing I can do is continue to listen and learn. I look at what is currently happening with the presidency, I am all the developments, I look at our leaders and, like all Americans, I continue to hope that those who lead us, express their passion, their perspective and can unite our country in these difficult times – which I don’t think this is happening with the current president.

And the possibility that Dwayne Johnson entered politics?

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