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In this April 22, 2020, the Earth Day is celebrated around the world. The opportunity to enjoy all together at which point our planet is precious. To celebrate this event, here are five documentaries to be discovered on Disney+.

Disney 2020

Fifty years after its first celebration, the world Day of the Earth is obviously still relevant, as demonstrated by the debates around global warming and the ecological crisis. Under the name “Earth Day” across the Atlantic, this annual event, celebrated on April 22, aims to raise awareness of the protection of the environment. If the containment and the health crisis of the coronavirus prevent today the associations to organise physical events in France and in the rest of the world, take the time to learn a little more about our beautiful planet and its incredible biodiversity, but, unfortunately, in danger, thanks to five documentaries available on the platform Disney More.


Disney 2020

Production Disneynature’s latest, documentary original Elephant was put online just after the launch of the platform Disney+ on the occasion of Earth month (April). This program, accompanied by English language comments of the actress and duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, tells the journey of a herd of elephants from the Okavango Delta up to the Zambezi river to find water and food. This trip is ambitious, but mandatory in view of the depletion of resources, will see the family of elephants that face the extreme heat and predators always more dangerous. On the occasion of this release, the branch Disneynature and the Disney Conservation Fund, have also expressed their support to the charity Elephants Without Borders, who fight for the preservation of wildlife and of natural resources. The documentary also includes the making-of On the road of the elephants.

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Before the flood

Avid environmental activist, actor Leonardo DiCaprio presents in this documentary, broadcast for the first time in 2016, the alarming consequences of global warming on our planet. Animal species extinction, endangered ecosystems… The environmental crisis worsens each day a little more, and the company must respond to the irreversible damage caused by human activities. Providing practical solutions to save the Earth, this program stresses the urgency of the situation through visual evidence compelling.


The Walt Disney Company France

Because there is no age to be aware of the importance of our environment and of nature, this documentary captivating to watch as a family following the debut of the adorable chimpanzee Oscar. Combining humor and emotion, this program takes you to the heart of the african rain forest in the company of this little monkey, separated from its mother and left alone in the face of many threats terrées in the jungle. Discover this story heartwarming that will give you a balm to the heart ! Evidence of the commitment of the label, Disneynature, a portion of the profits from the first weekend of theatrical release of the documentary have been donated to an organization fighting for the preservation of the chimpanzees.


In the collection Disneynature, the wildlife lovers will also have the pleasure of traveling in Alaska at the sides of Sky and her two small children, a family of grizzly bears just out of hibernation. For an entire year, the cameras have followed these impressive animals face the dangerous outside world. In magnificent scenery, crossing the path of other species, such as wolves or killer whales, the small cubs of Sky go to learn important life lessons. To emphasize the conservation of essential wildlife and flora, a part of american sales harvested on the cinemas of the documentary have been donated to the Foundation of the National Park of Katmai, where were filmed images.

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Survival over the water

This documentary scratched National Geographic invites spectators on the land of Botswana, to discover the animal life of the Okavango Delta. Rhinoceros black and white, african wild dog, lion or even cheetah, some of the large mammals most threatened of the world coexist all year long, adapting to the unique ecosystem of the places that oscillates between large floods in winter and impressive droughts in the summer. For their survival, multiple animal species have had to learn to live to the rhythm of the seasonal changes, which are constantly intensifying because of global warming.

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