Eleonora Boi | relaxation in the Caribbean, with Gallinari. The photos in the bikini displaced fans


Eleonora Boi, although they confirmed miss a little in the lists of sports, that the journalist is more loved by the young and the not. The inclusion of the Caribbean costume enchants the reader.

Eleonora Boi, recording in a bikini on Instagram
Eleonora Boi, recording in a bikini on Instagram

Eleonora Boi Italians missing in the lists of sports for some time, the journalist has decided to take a break, to go to America to reach his better half, the German German Danilo Gallinari the play in the NBA. Currently in force, the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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The Boibut in America, there is also went, to study. You deepen your professional then again, you know, when, in our country to be better trained and ready for new experiences. However, the popularity of the ex-face Sport Mediaset not stupid, and also far away from Italy, still has many followers. Occasionally back in the boots, no one will type in some of the programmes of the public, “Those who football”and many of the fashion look, in which he was disfigured for nothing. On the contrary.

Eleonora Boi, in the Caribbean, with the bile in the costume for the journalist

Eleonora Boi, tenderness with the tap of
Eleonora Boi, tenderness with the tap (Instagram)

Many speak of Beloved Leottabut among the women, with sports, Eleonora Boi it is definitely prepared to be the best and also the most beautiful. To prove it are his last recordings, Instagram enchant the fans: the first fan, of course, was Danilo Gallinari, who has annotated each pose of the bride. The last in order of time, in the costume of the Caribbean where the few he spends a holiday.

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The smile of the anchor-woman is contagious, but also the forms, you see, is the amazement in two parts orange. A part of the earnings goes to the diet journalist you follow, not that it was never obese, but the change of life, housing, and care had an impact on the physical. Everything returned, with a little prudence. Now, on diet plan to surprise is in order, it can afford, once again, fans poses of vamp.

Gallinari says not to be jealous, but the brightness and the beauty of the Boi will not go unnoticed. Also, when it starts, it counts as a familiar face, fame increased, recently, she was real and humble. Do things that you as a young woman in the career, ready, constantly on the game for not to the detriment of philosophy. At work and in private. The girl seems to be serena, as those which he is in expectation of the next post-photowith the desire to see you again, since you first in the ether-TV.

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