Elisabetta Canalis Instagram, explosive in a bikini: “The boys are mute!”


The undisputed Queen of the tissue of Strip the news the beautiful Elisabetta Canalis. Showgirl and always more on the massacre of the heart. His admirers every day in love, madly in love with you. A few hours ago on Instagram Elisabetta Canalis has its released in bikini-photos clearly explosive. His body is so perfect, that their envy of many in their early twenties. For Ely, as the call of his followers to be, time seems to stand still. There is nothing to do, his band is undeniable. The post is very well-liked and in no time received a flood of likes and compliments.

Elisabetta Canalis

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Elisabetta Canalis Instagram: explosive bikini

The beautiful Elisabetta Canalis she moved with her husband Brian Perri and her little Skyler, who for some time in Los Angeles. Occasionally, the former velina goes to the beach to enjoy, relax and so a few hours ago has decided to share one of those moments with his followers. The post is not to be overlooked in the past in the least. The in bikini-photos of Elisabetta Canalis on Instagram is a real work of art that the host he describes as: “February in LA!” Click on Elizabeth, kneeling on the beach, in front of the ocean. A photo very romantic its made “spicy” by his outfit: a micro-costume bond of perfection curves crazy. Be physical is statues. There is nothing to do, is not to be overlooked, a beauty of the genre.

A real mermaid

The recording is stunning Elisabetta Canalis on the beach has sent, out of his head all of his admirers. A fan wrote: “You’re still a piece of f**a”. An admirer, angered by his unparalleled beauty, said: “But since you’re so nice?!”. A pendant inspired by the curves, which was written by Elisabeth: To say “what…. Show” and another, he added immediately: “But what about the 2000 know already…?” Finally, another trailer a little mischievous, said: “Ely, you are a big f**a is also, among others, forty years.”

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Photos, the he of profile official Instagram of Elisabetta Canalis (@littlecrumb_)


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